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Delhi- A city of Cities

The rich lands of Delhi have lured men for centuries. A dive into history tells us that on these banks of river Yamuna, many came to plunder, while others, with ambitions to rule Hindustan made it their capital. It is a city of cities, built and destroyed several times. The Legend of Mahabharata talks about the beauty and wealth of the mighty Indraprastha, which over five thousand years ago, was built by Pandavas as their capital in the same region. However, archaeological evidence suggests that the city of Lal Kot founded by Tomar rulers in 786 AD, was the first city of Delhi.

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Tomaras ( 736 AD - 1180 AD )
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Chauhans ( 1180 AD - 1192 AD )
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Mamluks ( 1192 AD - 1289 AD )
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Khiljis ( 1290 AD - 1320 AD )
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Tughlaqs ( 1320 AD - 1413 AD )
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Sayyids ( 1414 AD - 1451 AD )
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Lodis ( 1451 AD - 1526 AD )
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Mughals-1 ( 1526 AD - 1540 AD )
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Suris ( 1540 AD - 1556 AD )
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Mughals-2 ( 1556 AD - 1857 AD )
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British ( 1857 AD - 1947 AD )
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